Louisville Cremation Center

Cremation in Louisville and making arrangements for your deceased loved one doesn’t need to be a complicated process. It just takes a simple phone call, a touch of paperwork, and spending time with family and friends while Family Cremation Care takes care of details and the process in getting the remains back to you in the vessel of your choice.

Direct Cremation services starting at $1095

Services may be pre-purchased or secured on an as needed basis.

Step 1: Contact Us at 502.456.4600. Following your call, we’ll bring your loved one into our care.

Step 2: We’ll obtain the necessary information either by phone – or in person at our office, your home, or other location.

Step 3: After cremation we will return your loved one’s ashes (cremains) to you.

Americans have turned to cremation 54% of the time when handling the death of a loved one. Families in Louisville and the surrounding area are turning to cremation for a variety of reasons:

  1. Save money and leave more of a financial legacy behind.
  2. Ease the burden of hurriedly planning services during a difficult time in life.
  3. Allow more flexibility for a celebration of life rather than fit the mold of a traditional funeral.

Direct cremation allows for some or all of these needs to be met.

Our goal is to provide you with simple, convenient, and professional cremation services so you can have the flexibility you need in making final plans. Our partners at Evans Monument and JB Ratterman can also assist you with additional, more traditional services as well.